Reflection Friday: Remaking Yourself

January 7, 2022   |   Julie Diamond

It’s unlikely most of us imagined we’d still be in full-on pandemic mode at the start of 2022.

Nearly two years have passed since those first fateful days and even though it feels like we’ve been on the same treadmill forever, who you were at the beginning of the pandemic is surely not who you are today.

Amid the chaos and loss of control this time has brought, our relationship with ourselves is one of the few things we can still influence – and the dawning of a New Year feels like the right time to do some self-reflection, introspection and evaluation.

We love this sentiment from Tracy Brower/ Fast Company:

“When we take a look at the root of ‘emergency,’ it is the word ‘emerge,’ which means to rise up or out of. This is to say that within a moment of crisis, there can be inspiration and improvement.”

So, our reflection question to you is, who do you want to be as we turn the corner and start this next year? 

Who Were You Before Covid?

Think back to 2019, just before the pandemic began – we’ll refer to this time as “B.C., Before Covid.” Here are some prompts to consider:

  • What were my goals then? Where was I directing my energy?
  • What was most urgent to me in 2019? What kept me up in the middle of the night?
  • What did I like about myself? What was I hoping to someday change?
  • What was working in my relationships? What wasn’t?
  • What was working in my professional endeavors? What wasn’t?

Who Do You Want to Be After Covid?

Though the pandemic seems far from over, as we phase into what will probably be an epidemic or post-pandemic “new normal,” let’s reflect on the “A.C., After Covid” version of you.

Looking back at your list above, and reflecting on how you feel now, consider the following: 

  • What feels most urgent and important now?
  • What’s something I’ve let go of that wasn’t serving me pre-pandemic?
  • What habits did I pick up during the slower days of quarantine and working from home, that I want to continue?
  • What have I learned about myself on a personal level in the last two years? Professionally? 

We have an opportunity to head into this next phase of the pandemic with new ideas, new hope and a new relationship with ourselves. By taking time now for this type of introspection, you’re not only poised to create a sense of self more aligned with your current state, but you’re also taking charge and setting the direction of your growth for the coming year. 

Drop us a line if you want. We’d love to know how you’ve changed during this time, and if/how you hope to remake yourself for what’s to come.