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About Elevate

The Elevate program targets emerging high-potential leaders, or those struggling with the complexities and challenges of a bigger role.

Based on cutting-edge, experiential learning methods, Elevate equips women leaders with the self-awareness and skills to excel at higher levels of leadership.

Upcoming Programs
For women leaders Grades 8 & 9 starting:

March 2024

About Amplify

The Amplify Leaderlab program is for courageous senior leaders who are ready to transition from leading their teams to driving organizational outcomes. 

Our immersive and experiential cohort-based program will help you cultivate your strengths, sharpen your unique leadership point of view, and lead with confidence and purpose.

About Collaborate

The Collaborate program is intended for intact and cross-functional teams wanting to build the collective capacity to work and learn together. The program helps teams define their purpose, develop a set of operating principles, and refine their interpersonal skills through the productive and healthy use of power.

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The benefits of a cohort model

Learning together with a diverse group of leaders across functions and businesses fosters deep and genuine interaction and a lifelong network of peers.

In cohort-based learning, participants support and challenge each other to be their best. People show up with authenticity, take greater risks, and as a result make huge leaps in their development.

This Is Why We Do What We Do

Ozlem Coday, General Manager of Channel and Ecosystem Sales at Intel

Leaderlab had a huge impact on my career journey. The biggest takeaway was self-reflection and understanding the power I have within myself—and getting comfortable and skilled at using this power...

This Is Why We Do What We Do

Pam Fulton, Principal Engineer at Intel

My most significant takeaway from the Leaderlab experience was to trust my own voice. Feeling the support [from my cohort] and getting honest feedback from a team I admired gave me a boost of confidence I brought back to my day-to-day job...

This Is Why We Do What We Do

Dawn Jones, Chief Diversity and Inclusion Officer (CDIO) and Vice President of Social Impact at Intel

The connection with my cohort has stayed strong. We meet at least once a month and continue to support and encourage each other...

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