About the Program

As a senior leader, you’re in a position very few people get to occupy. Think about it. You have resources at your disposal to be creative, make change, and bring your visions and values to life.

But if you’re like most leaders we’ve worked with, you don’t always feel empowered. In fact, a lot of the time you’re more likely to feel constrained, pressured, and frustrated. This is a major paradox of power: leaders at every level are surprisingly quick to feel their lack, not their surplus, of power.

The Amplify Leaderlab program is for courageous senior leaders who are ready to transition from leading their teams to driving organizational outcomes. Limited to 20 participants, the Leaderlab Amplify program offers you the opportunity to supercharge your personal power and challenge your limitations to gain greater visibility across the organization, build strategic alliances across boundaries, and drive change.

Upcoming Programs:

Open Enrollment - Portland, OR

Sep 26 & 27, 2024
Oct 31 & Nov 1, 2024
Dec 5 & 6, 2024


Three two-day modules with executive coaching sessions between the modules


Portland, Oregon


Women leaders at the senior level



What you'll take away...

Mastery of your strengths and personal power, and awareness of when, where, and how to use them

Emotional agility to respond effectively under stress, pressure, and challenges

Clarity of your purpose and leadership point of view, and the knowledge of how to use it to strengthen your leadership impact

Political astuteness: strategies for shaping and engaging tactically and effectively within multiple contexts

A cohort of peers and long-lasting network

Who gets the most out of Leaderlab?

Those unafraid of ruthless personal accountability.


The Leaderlab programs are for women leaders who know they have a particular struggle or challenge holding them back from being the best leader they can be. Participants recognize that – above all – mastering behaviors, beliefs, and motivations is key to shaping one’s career.

To ensure each participant has the motivation, openness, and drive for the Leaderlab, admission is by application only. Applicants will be interviewed in person or by phone. Prior completion of a coaching or leadership development program is strongly recommended.

We also work to ensure that participants represent diverse racial, ethnic, and business backgrounds to enrich the experience for all.

Not sure AMPLIFY is right for you? Contact us about our ELEVATE Program for mid-level leaders or our COLLABORATE Program, an all-encompassing program for cross-functional teams. Or see how we can work with you to create a customized program tailored specifically to meet the needs of your organization.



Cohort Connection

Participants will create meaningful, lasting relationships with strong female leaders from all business backgrounds. We keep our cohorts small to foster deep, genuine interactions and risk-taking that builds a lifelong network of peers.

Personalized Journey

Power² Leaderlab is all about the individual. Our real-time feedback and experiential learning methods cater to your individual leadership needs.

The Power Project

The program centerpiece, a “Power Project” is an action learning project composed of each individual’s personal vision for leadership and what they want to create through their position of power. Together we’ll identify your Power Project and design a roadmap for accomplishing it.

Ongoing One-on-one Coaching

The work doesn’t end when a session does. Our executive coaches and seasoned facilitators will connect with each member of the cohort between modules to make sure they get the most out of the Leaderlab.

Resources for Continued Growth

Tap into our collection of tools and resources for continued learning. Stay connected with the Leaderlab community through annual networking events, advanced classes, and our alumni programs.

Amplify Resources

Login here to access your program materials: participant guide, pre-work, further reading and more.

Maintaining momentum for your learning is key to helping you achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself in the Leaderlab program. On this page you’ll find continually updated strategies, resources, and activities that will help you keep up your learning and achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself.


Why Women?

As a woman leader, you recognize that within every interaction is a potential encounter with bias and expectations related to your gender, and for women of color, to your race and ethnicity as well. Thus, every day presents a challenge for you to stay connected to your clarity, best thinking, and purpose. It becomes all too easy to lose contact with your personal power.

Getting grounded in your leadership point of view and purpose is the most direct path to your personal power. It’s also bottom-line the most important thing you can own and control as a leader. The Leaderlab will super-charge your sense of personal power, enabling you to sit confidently in who you are and what you’re about, and to focus on the world you want to create.


Life Changing

“The Power² Leaderlab has been life-changing, both personally and professionally. I find myself relying
on the program’s tools to manage
the daily stress of my organization.”


The Results I Wanted

"I rotated out of (my business) since I completed the training and can say it was instrumental in a) negotiating the position I wanted in the way I wanted, b) pay and grade level raise and c) most importantly…I felt empowered and drove the results I wanted."


Best Experience

“The P² Leaderlab was the best lab, workshop, or training experience I’ve had. Lesli and Julie have redefined what it means to be powerful, in a way that resonates with my real world experience.”

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