Our Approach

What is Power2?

The evidence is conclusive: well-developed personal power enables you to use authority and positional power most effectively and ethically.

Personal power isn’t contingent on your position or expertise. It is a power that comes from self-awareness and inner resources, which, coupled with your positional power, increases your ability to

  • know and use your strengths to serve the context,
  • lead with confidence and presence under greater levels of stress and pressure,
  • have a clear leadership point of view that others recognize, and
  • use your influence to your own and to the organization’s advantage.

Our research shows that when these two powers, positional and personal, are combined, one’s leadership influence grows exponentially. We call this power squared. A squared leader is a purpose-driven one who uses power effectively. You do what is best for the organization, making truly exceptional things happen.

Find the Power to Lead

When I was six, my best friend had been mean to me for no apparent reason. I came home from school crying, the injustice of her behavior leaving me hurt and confused. My mother comforted me and suggested that perhaps my friend might be jealous. I stopped crying long enough to contemplate this. Why would she be jealous of me? It made no sense!

This week I received a Manager Excellence Award. This award is only given to 35 managers across IT, a nearly 6,000-person organization.  In all of my years at the company this is the most meaningful recognition I’ve ever received because it is granted based on a nomination from the team I manage.   I directly attribute this award to the growth I did in Leaderlab and the skills and tools I gained through the class.

Just wrapped the Power2 Leaderlab. What an amazing experience. I went there to reframe my approach to my career. I left with a better sense of Leadership attributes I want to grow and that I already possess, understanding how to be more effective with my Power, and a new group of friends that I will continue to grow with.

The Leaderlab curriculum gets to the heart of basic human understanding.  You’ll walk away from every session with a deeper understanding of how small shifts in your behavior can change your entire approach to leadership and help you get the most out of yourself and your teams.  The learnings are simple yet incredibly powerful when you put them into action.  I highly recommend Leaderlab for anyone looking to unlock more potential out of their leadership and personal relationships.

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