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Who We Are & What We Do

Julie Diamond and Lesli Mones are long-time collaborators who have developed many projects together and on their own in the fields of leadership and personal and professional development. The duo created the Power2 Leaderlab as an opportunity to bring together their passion and strengths to serve women leaders who are committed to being their personal and professional best.

Lesli Mones

Lesli Mones is an executive coach and advisor who is known for her straightforward yet compassionate style that builds trust quickly, helps leaders grow their self-awareness and emotional intelligence, leverage their strengths, and stay balanced in the face of challenge.

Lesli specializes in helping leaders cultivate their sense of power and influence in increasingly matrixed environments. She guides them to communicate directly and effectively up, down and laterally; making sure that the content, and the spirit of their messages, are received as intended.

As many leaders struggle with having productive conflict—some avoiding it and others unnecessarily escalating it—Lesli provides a framework and set of tools to help leaders move through discord productively while preserving their social capital and doing what's right for the organization. With a background in psychology, and more than thirty years of experience working with individuals and teams, Lesli has developed an uncanny ability for both getting to the heart of issues, and helping to illuminate the path forward.

The Red Door Project

Lesli is co-founder of the Red Door Project which leverages the power of stories to change our racial ecology.

Julie Diamond

Julie is an executive coach, author, consultant, and CEO of Diamond Leadership which provides innovative leadership and talent development services, including coaching, consulting, assessment, and training to its global clients. For over 25 years, Julie has been at the forefront of creating transformational learning and development opportunities, across a range of sectors, from graduate degree programs to leader development programs for business, government, NGOs and not-for-profit organizations. Julie knows how to bring clarity to complex and profound concepts, and her authentic and dynamic facilitation style creates real understanding and a deeply impactful learning process. She is the author of Power: A User’s Guide, and her writings on the topic of leadership, learning, and change can be found on her website, diamondleadership.com

Power, A User's Guide

Check out Julie's book that combines cutting-edge psychological theory with practical exercises, stories, and examples from the author’s experiences as a leadership coach and consultant to provide readers with the tools and instructions to find their unique map of powers.

Meet the Facilitators and Coaches

Lisa Zigarmi

Lisa is an organizational psychologist and leadership coach. She helps leaders relate more deeply, decide more efficiently, and think with more creativity. Throughout her career, she’s built leadership capacity at Fortune 500 companies by applying engagement research, positive psychology, leadership science and mindfulness practices. Lisa holds a Bachelors in Psychology and a Masters in Applied Positive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania as well as a coach certification from The Coaches Training Institute. In addition to coaching, she facilitate the P2 Leaderlab and regularly shares her leadership insights in Harvard Business Review, Forbes and Training Industry, Inc. Her corporate clients include VMware, NIKE, Daimler Trucks North America LLC, and Intel. Lisa coaches leaders across the globe and is based outside Portland, OR. When she’s not talking with leaders, she loves to practice yoga and hike with her husband, son and two French bulldogs.

Cathy Bernatt

Cathy Bernatt is a Master Certified Coach (MCC, ICF), Professional Facilitator (IAF) and President of Creating…, whose vision is to help “empower people and organizations to realize unlimited potential.” Cathy’s work focuses on developing conscious leaders from the inside out, leaders who have a deep awareness of themselves and others. She believes this can create social and world change that is sustainable and transformative. Living in Japan for 22 years, Cathy spent 7 years as a Senior Corporate Trainer inside a major Japanese corporation. She has worked with a wide range of clients from around the globe in settings that range from a 47-meter-tall ship to the corporate boardroom. Her clients include multinational corporations, NGO’s and educational institutions in Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, South Africa, the U.S. and Central, Eastern & Western Europe. With 30 years of leadership experience in Outward Bound, Cathy has designed and directed global programs on teambuilding, navigating conflict, communication, leadership, and self-discovery.

Mary Galvin

Mary Galvin is a certified Executive Coach whose work focuses on helping leaders perform at a higher level by identifying and facing the challenges impeding their personal growth. She works with leaders who are transitioning to a new role or opportunity, and those interested in building new skills and capabilities. Her clients include C-Suite executives, Vice Presidents, managers, and individual contributors. Over the course of her career, Mary has held many challenging and exciting roles, from co-founder of a successful startup to General Manager of a Fortune 200 company with responsibility for a multi-billion dollar P&L. Her broad and deep business experience informs her work as a coach, and in assisting her clients have greater impact, influence and growth in their careers. Mary has always been passionate about women’s leadership and was a graduate of the very first Power2 LeaderLab program.