Master Your Leadership

By matching your positional power with personal power.

Leaderlab in Harvard Business Review

How Women Can Get Comfortable “Playing Politics” at Work

January 19, 2022

Leaderlab coaches Lisa Zigarmi, Julie Diamond, and Lesli Mones authored a piece in HBR that explores women’s limiting beliefs about politics and identifies valuable mindset shifts they can make to use political skills to their advantage.

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Want to Be Happier? Start Valuing Your Time.

Leaderlab Coach and Facilitator, Liza Zigarmi, drives home a simple but powerful truth: prioritize your time and guard your focus. You’ll not just be more productive, you’ll also be much happier.

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Making Feedback Work for You

We focus on how to give feedback, but less so on how to receive it so that we derive maximum benefit from it. We don’t always get feedback delivered in the way we want. But we do have the power to turn it into something useful. Read more in Forbes.

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We know power sounds like a dirty word

So it’s time to change how we think about it.
You have influence. You can make an impact. But there are times when it just doesn’t feel that way. Some situations leave you feeling off-balance, impatient, or reactive.  No one can avoid these tough moments, but the best leaders rise to meet them because they know that a reactive leader is a powerless leader. Master the moment by learning how to match your positional power with a strong, grounded personal power.

The Leaderlab Programs

The Power2 Leaderlab is a bold, cohort-based leadership program that accelerates your development and propels you to the next level of leadership. Our programs give you the tools for maximizing your personal power, growing your capacity to handle the pressures of leadership at the next level, and accessing your best thinking in the heat of stressful and challenging situations.


About Us

Long-time collaborators Julie Diamond and Lesli Mones created the Power² Leaderlab as a challenging and supportive space where leaders can speak frankly about their struggles and work together to become more powerful and purposeful. The duo created the PowerLeaderlab to serve women leaders committed to being their personal and professional best.


Why Power?

No matter where you are in your leadership journey, no matter how much professional and personal development work you’ve done, you can still get knocked off balance.

Maybe it’s a fear of failure, imposter syndrome, or a type of person you struggle to work with that knocks you off balance. When that happens, you lose access to your thinking, to your inner compass and to your ability to lead. In essence, you stumble and lose your power.

But here’s the catch. We only stumble when we’ve been leaning on something unstable. And your positional power and even your expert power aren’t stable enough. What you need is something that remains steady from context to context. And that’s personal power.

The Leaderlab was created to give you the tools to hone your personal power because grounding positional power in personal power creates exceptional leadership.

Finding the Power to Lead.

Is your power effective across all contexts?

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Life Changing

“The Power² Leaderlab has been life-changing, both personally and professionally. I find myself relying
on the program’s tools to manage
the daily stress of my organization.”

The Results I Wanted

"I rotated out of (my business) since I completed the training and can say it was instrumental in a) negotiating the position I wanted in the way I wanted, b) pay and grade level raise and c) most importantly…I felt empowered and drove the results I wanted."

Redefining Powerful

“The P² Leaderlab was the best lab, workshop, or training experience I’ve had. Lesli and Julie have redefined what it means to be powerful, in a way that resonates with my real world experience.”